#7 Bitmap game


Design a bitmap game using switch statements.

Design process

For my game, I knew I wanted to show tedious obstacles that would slow you down on your way to obtaining the target. I thought through a few ways to represent this, and I decided that I wanted to have the obstacles not reveal themselves until the character has failed to avoid them - that way, the player sees many potential obstacles without knowing what they are or how much they might slow them down, communicating the experience of obtaining gender affirming hormones. I wanted the design to look like a 90s internet game and pixelated the character and target elements to reflect that. I used sounds I made in Abelton for the background music and some gaming sound effects for the collisions and character movement.


I used classes and objects to code the character and created an array of objects to sequence the blocks falling. To avoid crashing the browser, I created a fall() function to detect whether the blocks were still visible on the canvas and splice them once they were not. I used the switch() function to change between scenes, coding both the collision messages and advanced levels in scene() functions and calling those in draw. I made a simple version of this game but going forward, I want to add more collision messages to reflect the experience more accurately, instructions to the welcome page and additional effects for the advanced levels.