#2 Form Generator: mug design

Hit any key to see the mug's trail. Click anywhere to go back.


In parameterized design, you are a conductor rather than an individual musician. Instead of producing a single design where you have to draw out all the details step by step, you are using code to create a set of parameters that generate a variety of results. You will explore the possibility of a form through its parameters. Then you will create a simple generator that will create multiple variations of the form through mouse or keyboard interactions.

Design Process


I had trouble randomizing the height and width of the mug using the random() function, but I was still able to see a variety of randomized porportions for the handle. Spending more time with the shapes creating a mug and using blendMode to reveal the hidden shapes contributing to the whole (press any key to turn on blendMode), I learned more about the possibilities for this 3d structure.

Eventually, I was able to randomly manipulate the entire mug as a unit by adding more variables.