#4 Exquisite Corpse


Exquisite corpse is a surrealist technique where players take turns to draw a portion of a figure while not being able to see what has already been drawn by other players. The drawing gets revealed at the end, which tends to create surprising and unexpected forms and narratives.

Design Process

This sketch required me to make new custom shapes as well as use 2D primitives in new ways. I utilized curveVertex and arcs to create the shapes for my figure and found that although challenging, curveVertex and other types of vertex functions create new options for shapemaking in P5. I found it useful to organize my code into user functions so I could call them in the order I wished to draw, creating layers that would more effecively draw my figure.


My partners Unnati and Ardak contributed the drawings that constituted my figure's torso and feet respectively. My final exquisite corpse was part South Asian woman from the Mughal Empire, part women's body-builder from the 1980's, and part pictographic solar human.